CSX Credit Suisse – Tedious registration but not impossible!

I received an email from Credit Suisse in advance inviting me to download the exclusive app CSX.

The official launch date for CSX was October 26.

Impatient to discover this new Swiss neobank, I download the app on my iPhone and start registering

Credit Suisse uses Swisscom for identity verification. The process is classic and NORMALLY without surprise:

  • just show your passport or ID to the Swisscom agent
  • receive a “TAN” code by SMS
  • and finally enter it to complete the registration

But what should have been simple quickly becomes very complicated: the page tells me that the TAN code received 1 minute ago has expired, I go back to the app and the chatbot tells me that I have to now go to a Credit Suisse agency to verify my identity!!

At the bottom of the page I also have the option to call a Credit Suisse advisor for help. So I call an advisor to see if he can unblock this situation and save me from going to an agency.

The call with the Credit Suisse advisor lasts 25 minutes, the time he himself makes several round trips with his technical support.

But CSX being a new offer, nobody at Credit Suisse knows how to unblock this situation and the adviser recognizes that “it is not ideal”.

I explain to him that the agency advisers will eventually be able to verify my identity again, but certainly not give me my CSX USER-ID. The situation is therefore blocked…

I call back the next day and another adviser asks me for all my registration information to check with Swisscom and with the technical department of Credit Suisse. A few hours later I see that the app has been restored and that I can register again.

The counselor calls me back to confirm that everything is in order now and that I can register again.

Error on my part or technical bug, difficult to say, but I very much appreciated the very serious help of Credit Suisse to solve this problem.

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