Yuh Bank Interest Rate in October 2023

Like many Swiss banks, Yuh Bank now offers a positive interest rate on your assets. To find out how it applies and how it is different from other Swiss neobanks, read on

How much is the interest rate of Yuh Bank

In October 2023 the interest rate of Yuh Bank is 1.00%

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How Yuh Bank’s interest rate applies

Since April 1st, Yuh Bank has applied an interest rate of 1.00% on CHF, EUR and USD, pro-rated over the year.

It doesn’t matter if your money is in the Pay or Save section of the app.

For deposits between 25,000 and 100,000 CHF, EUR and USD, you continue to receive 0.75% interest.

Does Yuh Bank offer the best interest rate?

Yuh Bank allows you to have interest without obligation to save. Yuh Bank and Zak Bank are the only 2 Swiss neobanks that offer 1.00% interest on your current account balances.

Here is a comparison of savings rates between Swiss neobanks:

Interest rate0.75%0.90%1.00%1.00%
Applies to the full balance❌ Savings❌ Spaces
Limitsup to CHF 50,000 CHF then 0,25% up to CHF 500,000. 0% aboveup to CHF 25,000Between 25,000. and 100,000 CHF, EUR and USD interests are reduced to 0.50%.up to CHF 25,000

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