Zak launches its cashback offer in partnership with shopmate

Zak wants to make its offer more attractive and has just added a cashback service available with the Zak and Zak Plus plans.

The shopmate solution that was chosen to implement this new service has the advantage of offering immediate discounts from 250 partner shops.

Zak is not the first swiss neobank to offer a cashback offer: neon also has partner offers, but in very limited numbers, which differentiates its offer from that of Zak.

What is cashback?

Unlike traditional loyalty programs that allow you to collect points, cashback (which literally means “money back”) allows you to earn money after each purchase made with a partner brand.

You receive directly to your Zak account a cash amount of a fixed value or a percentage of your purchase. No need to accumulate points or wait to redeem them.

Which are the partner stores of the Zak cashback program?

All the shops available on shopmate are partners of the Zak program. shopmate belongs to the German group RTL and thus offers many offers with German shops, but not only.

Shops fall into many categories: drugstores and drugstores, babies, children and toys, flowers and gifts, fashion, accessories, electronics, food and beverages, finance, mobile communications to travel and vacations.

Among the shops, several are very known in Switzerland:

  • 5% cashback
  • Jelmoli : up to 7.5% cashback
  • Jumbo: 2.5% cashback
  • Media Markt: 5% cashback
  • Ochsner sport: 2% cashback

These cashback offers can be combined with your loyalty programs. For example, if you are Genius 3 at, you not only benefit from a 10 to 20% reduction on your reservations, but you can also receive cashback on the net value of the reservation.

It is important to note that the payment time of your cashback depends on the processing times of the store and especially on the conditions of return or cancellation: an online store that has a 30-day free returns policy will not validate the cashback only at the end of this period, while a travel provider validates the cashback often two to three months after the start of the trip.

In general, count 2 to 3 months for the cashback to be visible on your Zak account.

You can view the full list of partner stores here.

How to take advantage of Zak cashback

The integration of the shopmate offer in the Zak application is very intuitive. It only takes a few clicks to enjoy it:

#1 Go to the Zak store and click on “Cashback”

#2 Confirm your registration for Zak’s cashback

#3 Find a store that interests you and enjoy Zak’s Cashback

Thanks to Zak, your registration with shopmate will be facilitated by Zak and will allow you to log in with one click:

Choose your favorite store, make your purchases and get the corresponding cashback directly to your Zak account.

Attention: to ensure that your cashback is taken into account, you must always go through the Zak application and click on the store that interests you, otherwise it will not work!

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Our opinion on the Zak cashback offer

The cashback offer offered by Zak is very interesting given the number of partners and the amounts of cashback offered.

Indeed, cashback credit cards in Switzerland offer rates generally lower than 1.5%, while Zak cashback offers much higher percentages:

  • cashback cards from Swisscard: between 0.3% and 1% depending on the card
  • PostFinance credit cards: between 0.3% and 1% depending on the card
  • credit cards TCS: 1%
  • cashback credit cards from Cornèrcard: between 0.5% and 1% depending on the card

Zak’s offer has the advantage of being accessible with its free plan, while cashback credit cards are chargeable.

What do you think?

If you like the content of our article or if you already use these features at Zak, do not hesitate to leave us a message in the comments.

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