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Revolut Switzerland review (2023)

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Product is rated as #9 in category Swiss Neobanks
Account opening10
Credit Card8
Customer Service6

Revolut is a neobank based in the UK that allows Swiss residents to open a multi-currency account d’ouvrir un compte mobile multi-devises and benefit from services offered by the bank.

The Standard account is free and suitable for occasional use.

The mobile application is free, as well as the Debit card. Revolut offers very competitive exchange rates and is an ideal solution for travel.


Revolut Switzerland review – About Revolut

Revolut Ltd is a neobank based in the United Kingdom founded in 2015. It has been granted a European bank licence in 2018.

Revolut claims more than 4 million customers worldwide, including 250,000 in Switzerland. This neobank offers an alternative to Swiss consumers with cheaper and more flexible banking services.

Type de banqueNéo-banque
Année de création2015
Nombre de clients3,7 millions dont 250 000 en Suisse
Effectifs> 500

Revolut offers 3 types of multi-currency bank account in Switzerland:

For a quick preview, compare Revolut Standard vs Revolut Premium

Account opening with Revolut Switzerland – 10/10

Revolut allows you to open a mobile bank account in a few minutes from your smartphone.

What are the bank account requirements


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be resident in a country where the bank is active: Switzerland is one of them since 2019
  • Have a smartphone compatible with the app


  • No need to provide proof of revenue
  • No minimum deposit
  • No minimum balance

This neobank is very interesting for expatriates in Switzerlandtravellers and students doing an exchange in Europe.

How to open a bank account with Revolut

Opening a bank account with Revolut Switzerland takes less than 10 minutes:

  1. Enter your mobile phone number on the Revolut website, selecting +41 for Switzerland
  2. Download the Revolut app and follow the steps
  3. Make a small deposit of  10 CHF
  4. It’s done! You account is opened

Note that in order to receive your Revolut card, you must verify your identity.

Unlike large Swiss banks, Revolut will not ask you to provide paper documents. You do everything from the mobile app.

This video explain how to proceed:

Revolut Switzerland account opening

The Revolut account allows you to make all the standard transactions (bank transfer, direct debit, etc.) like with any Swiss bank account.

After verifying your identity, you can order your card from the app. The Revolut card is free and is delivered within 5 to 10 days.

Revolut Switzerland card

Our opinion on the account opening with Revolut Switzerland


  • Quick opening in 10 minutes
  • No revenue requirement
  • Available to all Swiss residents
  • Main account un CHF and multi-currency sub-accounts
  • Your own GB IBAN that can be used with 26 currencies


  • Neobank based in teh United Kingdom (your funds are not protected in Switzerland)
  • Delivery fee for the Standard Revolut Card
  • The Swiss IBAN with Crédit Suisse is under the name of Revolut, not yours

The account opening process is very fast and straightforward, that deserves 10/10

Usability of the Revolut app – 9/10

Revolut being a neobank, a lot has be done to ensure a great user experience:

  • The app is fast and intuitive
  • Menus are clear and well organised
  • Essential features are always visible

The Revolut app is rated 4.9 on the Apple Store (31 000 reviews) and 4.5 on Google Play (740 000+ reviews)

Revolut App Store

Revolut Google Play

Revolut has built an app around multi-currency : you select your main currency then you can add new ones:
Revolut in CHF
Revolut currencies

The Revolut app usability gets a 9/10

Revolut app features – 7/10

As a neobank, Revolut offer all their services through a mobile application. That means it’s possible to do almost everything from your smartphone:

  • Access your payment history
  • Make new payments
  • Exchange currencies
  • Buy crypto-currencies!
  • Block or freeze your card
  • Change the daily and monthly limit of the card
  • Change your personal details
  • Contact the customer service by Chat
  • Change your subscription

The list of features is very complete but some specific to Switzerland are missing:

  • e-Bill not available
  • Twint not available
  • Scan of invoices not available

And some others can be improved:

Card settings not on par with N26

We would like more settings for the Revolut card.

N26 offers settings such as “enable/disable online payment” or “enable/disable cash withdrawals”:

Revolut card settings
N26 card settings

The Revolut Junior is too basic

With Revolut Standard you can already have 1 child on Revolut Junior. If you need more you have to upgrade to either Revolut Premium or Revolut Metal. This feature allows you to create a sub-account for a child aged 7 to 17 and receive card for each of them.

There are currently too few features within Revolut Junior. It’s more like a Space but not like a child account: you can’t set limits on the use of the card. Tat means that your child can spend the full balance available of the Junior account.

Revolut Junior account
Revolut Junior weekly allowance

Revolut Junior accounts are not multi-currency. That means that your child will not be able to use the card while travelling, the same way you do with your Revolut card.

The only interesting feature is the “Weekly allowance” that allows you to transfer a fixed amount on a weekly basis

We drop 3 points for the lack of features, which gives an 7/10 for the features

Revolut Switzerland Credit Card – 6/10

Depending on the country, Revolut offers either a Visa, a MasterCard or a Maestro. But you can’t choose.

For Switzerland, you’ll usually get a Visa or a Maestro.

When visiting their website you can mainly see Mastercards with different designs for each plan  (Revolut does not offer a Swiss version yet):

Revolut Card Switzerland

Revolut Premium card

On the Standard plan, you have to pay 5.50 CHF for delivery fee of the Card.

We drop 2 points for the delivery fee of the Standrd card, which gives an 8/10 for th card

Revolut plans & pricing in Switzerland – 6/10

The Standard plan is free, the Premium plan costs CHF 8.99/month and includes more benefits. Then the Metal plan costs CHF 15.99/month and includes a cashback offer.

Revolut card fees

Revolut offers a free debit card with all plans. The Premium plan includes two cards.

Note : there is delivery fee for the card on Revolut Standard which is 5.99 CHF for standard delivery or 19.99 CHF for express delivery.

The Revolut card is free when used as payment method, that means for online shopping and mobile payments. There is no fee for payment in foreign currencies and Revolut applies the Interbank exchange rates without adding any extra fee or commission.¨

Cash withdrawals are capped, then you’ll have a 2% surcharge:

Bank transfers in Switzerland in CHF

No fee if the main currency of your Revolut account is CHF and if you pay in CHF another account based in Switzerland.

SEPA transfer fees in EUR

Like most neobanks, Revolut offers free SEPA transfers in EUR within the SEPA zone. You can create a SEPA payment within seconds from the app.

International SWIFT payments

With Revolut Standard you pay 3 CHF per transfer is the payment is in USD, otherwise it’s 5 CHF for any other currency.

The first transfer is free if you have Revolut Premium or Revolut Metal.

Exchange fees on multi-currency transfer

With Revolut Standard, you can transfer  up 1,000 CHF each month without any fee. Then you’ll pay a surcharge of 0.5 %.

The exchange rate is based on the instant interbank rate.

Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal allow you to transfer for free an unlimited amount of money to any country supported by Revolut.

But there is a 0.5% surchage for multi-currency transfers initiated on week-ends and UK bank holidays. Revolut says that they need to cover the risk while markets are closed.

Instant transfers

Similar to Beam with N26, you can transfer money instantly from a Revolut account to another Revolut account. That type of transfer is really instant and free. whatever the currency and the country.

Revolut have raised their fees in August 2020:

  • Revolut has introduced the concept of “High-frequency” clients on the Standard account = Those who exchange more than 5,000 CHF over a 30-day period
  • 0.5% surcharge (it was free) for “High-frequency” clients who do currency exchange during week days and working hours on the following currencies:  USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD, CHF, JPY, SEK, HKD, NOK, SGD, DKK, PLN and CZK
  • 1% surcharge (instead of 0.5%) for “High-frequency” clients who do currency exchange on week-ends – or outside of office hours – on the following currecnies: USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD, CHF, JPY, SEK, HKD, NOK, SGD, DKK, PLN and CZK.

See the Revolut pricing on their website.

Our opinion about the Revolut fees in Switzerland

If Revolut seems free, the Standard plan may become quickly expensive. Limits are very and you might need to upgrade to  Revolut Premium if you use Revolut on a frequent basis.

We believe that Revolut Metal is a decoy that makes Revolut Premium more attractive. The value of Revolut Metal is not good enough, also because the limits of the cashback offer are too low.

In the end, the Revolut pricing is quite complex and not so attractive. We drop 2 points for Revolut Standard fees and 2 points for Revolut Premium.

Revolut plans and pricing get a 6/10

Transactions’ speed – 8/10

Revolut is a neobank based in London, which means that international payments are initiated in London with your GB IBAN.

Your money doesn’t really cross the channel by ferry, it’s only electronic of course

On their website, Revolut confirm that an international transfer can take up to 5 working days:

We do our best to send your transfer to your recipient as quickly as possible. If you see that your transfer is pending, this simply means that it is being processed by one of our payment processors, which can take up to 2 days. Once you see that your transfer is completed, this means that your transfer is on its way to your recipient.

To prevent delays, please double-check that the recipient account details are correct.

SEPA transfers can take up to 2 working days.

SWIFT transfers usually take up to 5 working days.

What about Revolut and domestic transfers in Switzerland

A wire transfer from a Swiss bank to another Swiss bank is instant, it usually takes a few seconds before showing up on the other account.

In Switzerland, Revolut use Credit Suisse to provide a Swiss IBAN, but the account is under the name of Revolut. That’s not ideal but that works.

In practice, a Revolut transfer in CHF to another Swiss account can take – at best – a few minutes – up to a few hours when it’s the first transfer to a specific beneficiary.

Domestic transfers with Revolut are not as quick as other Swiss neobanks like neon, Zak or Yapeal.

[/wpsm_cons][/wpsm_column]Revolut gets an 8/10 for transactions’ speed

Revolut customer service – 6/10

When Revolut launched their app, it was easy to reach them by Chat and get quick resolution.

But Revolut has grown a lot since and the service has gone down:

  • The Chat support is rarely available for Standard plan customers
  • A Bot and an “online community” have been released, with objective to turn customer service into a self-service support platform, similar to what Google does for example.
  • Customer support agent seems to have trained randomly and tend to copy-paste answers without understanding your actual question.

We are not really happy with the customer support provided on Revolut Standard. On this point N26 does a lot better

Tip: To get a better customer service with Revolut, upgrade to Revolut Premium and you will have priority customer support.

Still, Revolut keeps a high score on TrustPilot : 4.5 with 66 188 reviews, but more and customers complain about support:

This is a 6/10 for customer service

Which Revolut account is best for Switzerland?

If you are a casual user and want to use Revolut as a back-up option or to transfer CHF in Switzerland occasionally, Revolut Standard is the best choice.

But if you are a more frequent user and need to frequently transfer or exchange currencies, Revolut Premium will cost you a lot less

Revolut Metal is only interesting if you travel frequently and spend more than CHF 600 outside Europe to benefit from the 1% cashback offer.

Revolut Fequently Asked Questions

✅  Is Revolut a bank?

Yes, Revolut is a neobank that has been granted an EU bank licence since 2018.

That means that Revolut can offer financial services in Europe like any other banks: loan offers, overdraft, savings,…

But it’s worth mentioning that while Revolut is based in London, the neobank still didn’t receive a UK banking licence, an application is apparently on-ongoing

✅  Is Revolut free?

Yes and No: opening an account is free, mais using Revolut services comes at a cost:

  • Paying with the Revolut card is free
  • Withdrawing cash is free within limits
  • Transferin money is also free within limits on the Standard plan

With the Standard plan, limits are low as you may expect. For frequent use, it’s better to upgrade to Premium or Metal.

✅  What Revolut card do I get?

In Switzerland, the Revolut card is either a Maestro or a Visa debit. Depending on the country, Revolut offer a Visa or a Mastercard and you can’t choose.

The card can be used at any shop or ATM that accept Visa. Using the card for payments is free, but you need to pay 5.99 CHF to receive it with Revolut Standard.

As a Visa, this card is perfect for online shopping and travelling abroad.

✅  Can I use Revolut in Switzerland?

Yes, you can use Revolut in Switzerland, but with some limitations:


  • Swiss transfers in CHF to CHF are free and unlimited
  • The Maestro card is accepted everywhere
  • The Visa card is well accepted


  • The Swiss IBAN is under the name of Revolut, not yours
  • Revolut does not offer Swiss features: e-Bills, Twint, Invoice scanner
  • Revolut can’t offer Swiss services: Prévoyance, Hypothèque,…

For a use mainly in Switzerland, Swiss neobanks like Zak or Yapeal are more suitable.

7.7Expert Score
Revolut reviews
Revolut is a neobank based in the UK that allows Swiss residents to open a multi-currency account d’ouvrir un compte mobile multi-devises and benefit from services offered by the bank. The Standard account is free and suitable for occasional use. The mobile application is free, as well as the Debit card. Revolut offers very competitive exchange rates and is an ideal solution for travel.
Account opening
Credit Card
Customer Service
  • Fast account opening
  • Free multi-currency account
  • Excellent user interface
  • Excellent exchange rates
  • Bank transfers up to 5 days
  • Average customer service
  • Fees increase frequently

Additional information

Specification: Revolut Switzerland review (2023)

Currencies CHF, EUR, GBP, Multi-currency, USD
Supported devices Android, iPhone
Push notifications
Standard account Free
Premium account CHF 7.99/m.
Metal account CHF 15.99/m.
CHF transfers in Switzerland Free
SEPA transfers (EUR) 1 free, then CHF 0.50
Card types Maestro, MasterCard, Visa
1st Card CHF 5.99 (delivery fee)
Replacement card CHF 11 (including delivery)
CHF withdrawals in Switzerland Free up to CHF 400/m. then 2%
EUR withdrawals in Switzerland Free up to CHF 200/m. then 2%
EUR withdrawals abroad Free up to CHF 400/m. then 2%
Minimum age 18 years
Target Private, Business
Countries Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

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