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N26 Switzlerland review (2023)

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N26 Switzlerland review (2023)
Receive 30 EUR when opening your N26 account with the code corinnea4648 N26 is a german neobank that allows Swiss residents to open a mobile bank account in EUR and benefit from services offered by the bank. The mobile bank account is free, as well as the virtual MasterCard. N26 offers very competitive exchange rates, making the neobank an ideal solution for travelling.
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Account opening10
Credit Card5
Plans & Pricing7
Customer Service8

Receive 30 EUR when opening your N26 account with the code corinnea4648

N26 is a german neobank that allows Swiss residents to open a mobile bank account in EUR and benefit from services offered by the bank.
The mobile bank account is free, as well as the virtual MasterCard. N26 offers very competitive exchange rates, making the neobank an ideal solution for travelling.

N26 Switzlerland review (2023)


N26 Switzerland review – The best EUR bank account in Switzerland

N26 (previously Number26) is a German neobank created in 2013. It’s been granted an EU banking licence.
With more than 500.000 customers in France and more than 1.5 million in Europe, N26 launched in  Switzerland in September 2019, then opening its 26th market.
N26 is a strong alternative to neon-free, another neobank headquartered in Zurich that recently launched in Switzerland.

Type of bankNeobank
Customers5 000 000
Employees> 1500

N26 currently offers 3 types of accounts in Switzerland:

  • Standard
  • Smart
  • Business

While in France or in Germany, N26 offers 5 types of accounts including the Business account:

  • Standard
  • Smart
  • N26 You (Premium)
  • N26 Metal
  • Business

Account opening with N26 Switzerland – 10/10

N26 allows you to open a mobile bank account in a few minutes from your smartphone.

What are the bank account requirements


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be resident in a country where the bank is active: Switzerland is one of them!
  • Have a smartphone compatible with the app


  • No need to provide proof of revenue
  • No minimum deposit
  • No minimum balance

This neobank is very interesting for expatriates in Switzerland, travellers and students doing an exchange in Europe.
The Business offer is suitable for intéressera freelance doing business with other European countries.

How to open an account with N26 Switzerland

N26 promise a bank account in 8 minutes :

  1. Request your account here and get €30 FREE
  2. Download the N26 app
  3. Verify your identity via the application
  4. Add funds to your N26 account (recommended)
  5. It’s done! You account is opened

The opening process is quick and simple, but if you’re not sure, continue reading.
Unlike large Swiss banks, N26 will not ask you to provide paper documents. Everything happens in the mobile app.
This vidéo shows you of to verify your identity with N26:

The N26 account allows you to make all the standard transactions (bank transfer, direct debit, etc.) like with any Swiss bank account. But, there is a main difference: the N26 account is in EUR.

The virtual MasterCard is free. If you want a plastic – physical – MasterCard you’ll to subscribe for N26 Smart (€4.90/month) and you will receive it by mail  within 5 to 10 days.

Our opinion on the account opening with N26 Switzerland


  • Quick opening in 10 minutes (or maybe 8)
  • No revenue requirement
  • Available to all Swiss residents


  • Account in EUR
  • German IBAN in DE

The account opening process is very fast and straightforward, that deserves 10/10

Usability of the N26 app – 9/10

N26 being a neobank, a lot has be done to ensure a great user experience:

  • The app is fast and intuitive
  • Menus are clear and well organised
  • Essential features are always visible

The N26 app is rated 4,7 on the Apple Store and 4 on Google Play (65 000 reviews) :

N26 - App Store

N26 - Google Play

The app is on par with Revolut for example and deserves a 9 out 10.

The N26 app usability gets a 9/10

N26 app features – 7/10

As a neobank, N26 offer all their services through a mobile application. That means it’s possible to do almost everything from your smartphone:

  • Access your payment history
  • Make new payments
  • Create and share spaces (from the Smart plan)
  • Block or freeze your card
  • Change the daily and monthly limit of the card
  • Change your personal details
  • Contact the customer service by Chat
  • Change your subscription

The list of features is very complete but some specific to Switzerland are missing:

  • e-Bill not available
  • Twint not available
  • Scan of invoices not available

And some others can be improved:

Spaces allow you to share sub-accounts and to save money

Card settings are very useful

Unlike Revolut, card settings are very precise, N26 allows you to block online payments or block cash withdrawals.

We can only regret that N26 is not available in CHF and does not offer TWINT and eBill, otherwise it would certainly be the ideal neobank for Switzerland.

N26 app features get a 7/10

N26 Switzerland Credit Card – 5/10

N26 only offers a free virtual Debit MasterCard in Switzerland.

To get the “plastic” card you need to pay €4.90/month and get the Smart plan, which is actually a downgrade from the initial N26 offer that was including a plastic debit card for free.

The virtual debit MasterCard is still a very good option for online shopping and travelling using your smartphone, since it can be linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Plastic is still much better than virtual so we remove 5 points, making it a 5/10 for the card

N26 fees in Switzerland – 7/10

The N26 Standard account is free and includes a virtual debit MasterCard.

N26 accept Swiss residents but only offers accounts in EUR. Fees are displayed in EUR

N26 MasterCard fees

N26 includes a free virtual debit MasterCard with the Standard account. It used to be a free “plastic” card:

The N26 virtual card is free when used as payment method, that means for online shopping and mobile payments. There is no fee for payment in foreign currencies and N26 applies the Mastercard’s exchange rates without adding any extra fee or commission.

Cash withdrawals are not always:

  1. Up to 3 free cash withdrawals in EUR in Switzerland, then €2 each
  2. Cash withdrawals in CHF in Switzerland are subjected to 1,7 % commission
  3. Up to 5 free cash withdrawals in EUR in Europe, then €2 each
  4. Cash withdrawals in other currencies are subjected to 1,7 % commission

N26 MasterCard limits

N26 has 2 types of limits for payments and withdrawals:

  • Card payment limit: maximum of €2,500 per day and €20,000 per month
  • Cash withdrawal limit: maximum of €2 500 per day and €20,000 per month

Bank transfers in Switzerland in CHF

Not possible. The N26 account is only available in EUR, it is not suitable for payments in CHF within Switzerland.

SEPA transfer fees in EUR

Like most neobanks, N26 offers free SEPA transfers in EUR within the SEPA zone. You can create a SEPA payment within seconds from the app.

International SWIFT payments

For bank transfers in foreign currencies (other than EUR), N26 use the services of Wise (TransfertWise) and currently includes 18 foreign currencies (GBP, USD, YEN, Yuan…).
Fees applied by TransfertWise are between 0.5% – 1.5% of the amount transferred,

MoneyBeam: instant money transfert

MoneyBeam is a service created by N26 that allows you to instantly transfer money to another N26 account, for free.

Our opinion about the N26 fees in Switzerland

N26 fees are very clear and transparents. They did not add extra complexity like Revolut.
You get a EUR account, and they allow you to withdraw EUR for free in Switzerland as long as you are a Swiss resident.  SEPA transfers are also free.

But since they “downgraded” the Mastercard to virtual card and kind of force you to get the Smart plan is you want one, we feel that N26 pricing is not cheap anymore, and the free plan is not complete.

N26 fees get a 7/10

Transactions’ speed – 9/10

A wire transfer from a Swiss bank to another Swiss bank is instant, it usually takes a few seconds before showing up on the other account. But N26 is not a Swiss bank and offer different features.

The main purpose of the N26 account is to deal with EUR payments and SEPA bank transfers. Other currencies are handled by Wise (TransferWise).

Our experience is that EUR bank transfers with N26 are very fast, they usually take about 1 hour, sometimes 1 day. Which is far better than large banks in the EURO zone and better than Revolut.

N26 is not the fastest for SEPA transfer: Bunq – a neobank based in the Netherlands – offers instant SEPA transfers!
This is a 9/10 à N26 on this criteria

N26 customer service – 8/10

N26 – Livechat available from monday to sunday – 07:00 to 23:00

With N26, the LiveChat is available quickly within a wide time range. The virtual assistant gets you to wait (usually less than a minute) until a human takes overs the conversation.

The N26 agents are well trained and can usually solve any issue very quickly.

(*) Coïncidence or irony, the name of the N26 virtual assistant is Neon

We are quite happy with the N26 customer service.

The N26 rating on TrustPilot N26 used to be 4.2 on TrustPilot (12 167 avis), it’s currently down to 3.9

This is a 8/10 for customer service

Why choose N26 in Switzerland?

N26 being only available in EUR, it is not the best option for Switzerland residents.

But the neobank is an excellent option for online shopping in Europe and travelling to France, Germany or anywhere in the EURO zone.

Cash withdrawals in EUR are free in Switzerland (up to 3) which is a big advantage against other Swiss banks

N26 Fequently Asked Questions

✅  Can I have a Swiss IBAN with N26?

No, N26 is a German neobank, you will get an IBAN starting with DE.
If you want to have a Swiss IBAN in CH, you need to open an account with either neon, Zak, Yapeal or Yuh

✅  Is N26 Metal available in Switzerland?

No, N26 does not currently offer all plans in Switzerland:

  • N26 You (the Premium version) is not yet available in Switzerland
  • N26 Metal is also not yet available in Switzerland

Consider that N26 is only available in Switzerland since September 2019 and they launched with 2 plans only, so you may expect to see You and Metal coming in a near future.

✅  N26 vs Revolut, which neobank to choose?

That depends on your needs. For a use in the EURO zone in EUR, N26 is the best solution. While Revolut is more interesting for multi-currency payments ans transactions.

We will soon publish a detailed comparison.

✅  Is the N26 account a good option for use in Switzerland only?

No, the N26 account is more suitable for use in the EURO zone.


  • Cash withdrawals in EUR in Switzerland are free (up to 3)
  • The virtual MasterCard can be used for online shopping in Europe


  • The N26 account is in EUR
  • You get a a german IBAN, starting with DE. You will not be able to do instant payment to another Swiss bank account
  • N26 does not offer features specific to the Swiss market : Scanning invoices, e-Bills, Twint
  • N26 can’t offer services specific to Switzerland: Prévoyance, Hypothèque,…

For use in Switzerland, other swiss neobanks are more suitable: ZAK or Yapeal for example.

7.9Expert Score
N26 Switzerland Review
Receive 30 EUR when opening your N26 account with the code corinnea4648 N26 is a german neobank that allows Swiss residents to open a mobile bank account in EUR and benefit from services offered by the bank. The mobile bank account is free, as well as the virtual MasterCard. N26 offers very competitive exchange rates, making the neobank an ideal solution for travelling.
Account opening
Credit Card
Plans & Pricing
Customer Service
  • Fast account opening
  • Free account
  • Free virtual card
  • Excellent user interface
  • Excellent exchange rates
  • Customer service by Chat
  • Account in EUR only
  • Prices increase frequently

Additional information

Specification: N26 Switzlerland review (2023)

Currencies EUR
Supported devices Android, iPhone
Push notifications
Standard account Free
Premium account EUR 9.90/m.
Metal account EUR 16.90/m.
CHF transfers in Switzerland N/A
SEPA transfers (EUR) Free
Card types MasterCard
1st Card Free
Replacement card CHF 11 (including delivery)
CHF withdrawals in Switzerland 1.70%
EUR withdrawals in Switzerland Free
EUR withdrawals abroad Free up to 5 w./month
Minimum age 18 years
Target Private, Business
Countries Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Slovakia, Slovania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States

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