Revolut Switzerland: TWINT, IBAN and eBill

Revolut is one of the most famous neobanks in Europe, it is particularly well known among travelers, non-residents and border commuters in Switzerland because of its multi-currency account and very favorable exchange rates.

In Switzerland, Yuh Bank stands out as the best alternative to Revolut.

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Here are frequently asked questions about Revolut Switzerland options:

Revolut Switzerland and TWINT

Revolut Switzerland does not offer TWINT and Revolut Switzerland is not a Swiss institution, TWINT will probably never be offered by Revolut Switzerland because TWINT does not allow you to add a foreign bank account.

In Switzerland, CSX offers a dedicated TWINT application, as well as Yuh Banque which offers Yuh TWINT

Neon Banque allows you to use TWINT Prepaid, which is less convenient.

Revolut Switzerland and eBill

Revolut Switzerland does not offer eBill and – likewise – eBill will probably never be offered by Revolut Switzerland.

eBill is however available from all other Swiss neo-banks: CSX, Neon, Yapeal, Yuh and Zak

Revolut with a Swiss IBAN

Revolut does indeed offer a CH IBAN, but it is important to know that the Revolut IBAN in Switzerland is “hosted” by Credit Suisse. This IBAN is not in your name and you must use a reference for any transfer to this IBAN.

To obtain a CH IBAN in your name, you must open an account with a Swiss neobank.





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